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January 19, 2019 – Rabat- Morocco

Why trust in institutions?

The MIPA Institute seeks to contribute to the public debate on trust in institutions by organizing the first edition of its annual activity; Rabat Policy Forum 2019 (#RPF_2019). This will be done on the basis of a critical approach of the nature of political and economic institutions and its relation to the issue of trust of Moroccans in these institutions.

By opening the debate between scholars and decision makers, the goal of the #RPF_2019 will be to provide profound explanations and critical analyses, hence approaching the subject from multiple perspectives. The forum will also propose alternative policies which will be handed to decision makers in order to design comprehensive policies.

Rabat Policy Forum


The #RPF_2019 is meant for research and political debate. It is held annually, gathering researchers as well as decision makers from different Moroccan and international institutions and universities. It aims to discuss issues related to public policy analysis and its evaluation. The forum looks after tackling topics concerned by public policy issues in Morocco and overseas.
The aim is to introduce a profound critical academic dialogue between the specialists in the domain of public policy analysis and decision makers to achieve a thorough diagnosis of public policies while constructively criticizing them, proposing policy alternatives and thinking of potential options.
The works of the forum will be culminated in publishing research in Arabic and English which will be distributed to decision makers and experts in Morocco and other countries.

The Main Themes of the Forum


• Theme 1: Trust in Moroccan Institutions: Diagnosing the Current Situation
This theme seeks to diagnose the quality and the robustness of political and economic
institutions in Morocco through an accurate identification of the strengths and shortcomings.
The theme also focuses on the level of trust that Moroccans have in their institutions and its
impact on their daily behavior.
• Theme 2: How does Trust in Institutions Impact Development and Democracy?
Global Experiences.
This theme looks at worldwide experiences in terms of the quality and robustness of institutions
in relation with development and promoting democracy. It also looks at comparative
experiences where lack of trust in institutions impacted stability and social peace.
• Theme 3: Building Trust in Institutions: Opportunities and Challenges
This theme looks at the future by exposing the challenges which hinder stalled institutional
reform, and also the possible options and alternative policies to reinforce the efficiency of
institutions and gaining back citizens’ trust.

Conference Information


Location: Rabat
Key Forum Dates:
Deadline for receiving paper proposals for participation: September 30, 2018
Reply to accepted papers: October 15, 2018
Deadline for sending the final papers: December 10, 2018
Final answer for the accepted paper: December 17, 2018
Date of the forum: January 19, 2019
For more information please contact: contact@mipa.institute

Conditions for Participation


• Participation is open for Moroccan and international researchers in Arabic and
• The proposed paper must be original and relevant to the theme of the conference.
• The research proposal or abstract must not exceed 500 words. The methodology
must be clarified as well as the research context, the problem and the hypotheses. The final paper must include a list of references.
• The final paper must not exceed 3500 words excluding references and annexes.
• The author must send his detailed CV and any links to his/her previous
participations or any published articles.
The Language of the Forum: Arabic and English, with simultaneous interpreting. The institute will also translate all the papers into Arabic and English.
Institutional Partners: European Endowment for Democracy (EED)

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