Understanding Maghrebi Societies

Mucen (I2P Fort St Jean), Marseille (France)

15th and 16th March 2018 

The objective of this seminar is to develop a reflection on the dynamics of the global agri-food system through localised studies. In particular, it intend to address the reconfiguration of migratory dynamics, the social organization of work and of the production of global agri-food chains, in the context of the current economic crisis.

Contributions could address some of the following questions:
1. The governance of global agri-food chains. The relations, practices and strategies of the different actors that compose the chains and their impact on the organisation of production and work.
2. The role of political, juridical, and social borders in the configuration of the production and reproduction in agro-export zones (migration policies, free-trade agreements, off-shoring, etc.)
3. Struggles, resistance and subjectivities of workers and their possible connections with consumer movements.
4. Continuities and ruptures in the formation of labour markets in the current context of capitalist re-accumulation and in the deepening of neo-liberalism (Harvey, 2004; Federici, 2010).
5. Migration experiences, working and living conditions of workers.

Proposals should be sent to the following e-mail address, mam2018@lest.fr before the 15th November 2017. Abstracts will be accepted of a maximum of 350 words in English or French.

You can find additional information at: http://mam2018.hypotheses.org

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